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10 Breaths to Manage Stress


Our resident breathing coach Valerie will teach you 10 breathing exercises to address the most common daily stressors. Lower anxiety, stop-overthinking, sleep better, relieve social anxiety, boost energy, find more patience, and more.

Simple tools to help you manage any stressful situation. This course includes 10 breathing modules with an experienced breathing coach that will help you take control over most common daily stressors.


The content available in this course provides general information pertaining to breathing exercises and how they may be used to manage stress. This content is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed medical care professional familiar with your medical history and current mental and physical health. Please consult with your medical care provider if you are experiencing severe anxiety or emotional stress, having thoughts of self-harm, or struggling with substance abuse. Please seek the advice of a physician or your regular doctor with any questions about your general health, a medical condition, or related treatment, and consult your doctor before engaging in this course to ensure you are medically cleared for breathwork exercises.

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10 Breaths to Manage Stress


Feeling worried, nervous, stressed out?

If you are looking for a simple solution to improve your life, it doesn’t get much easier than this. In this course you’ll get 10 simple breathing exercises that will help you develop a toolkit that will help manage stress.

Slow breathing is the most effective way to reduce stress and anxiety.

No matter the situation or goal, this breathing course provides simple instructions to help you feel better, and address specific daily situations. Each course will take you a few minutes to complete, and reward you with breathwork benefits that you will feel all day long. Continue to practice these techniques throughout your day.

We have a breath for this, that, and the other

Prepare for times of stress

Find Patience with family

Pause the notifications

Sleep Better

Wake up with clarity

Boost energy & focus

Improve digestion

Transition with ease

Release Social Anxiety

Travel Tension

Let’s Do This

We have forgotten how to breathe.

Learn to take back control with these simple techniques in this expert-led course.

Meet Valerie

Valerie is a Certified Breathing coach and Facilitator, who helps people learn breathwork and somatic practices to regulate their nervous system and to release stress from the body and life. She is on a mission to help everybody improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being with the healing power of the breath.


Do I need a Shift to do this course?

No you do not need to own the Shift to participate in any of these lessons. The Shift may be helpful, but is not at all necessary. Many of our fans find value with the Shift because it acts as a reminder to breathe throughout the day, and serves as an anchor in an anxious moment. The Shift helps them take the guesswork out of breathing better when they are stressed out or anxious or overwhelmed.

Is it just one course? Or a bunch of courses?

The whole course contains 10 separate lessons designed for specific situations that our community tends to find stressful, or that we ourselves find stressful. You will learn 10 separate breath exercises that not only apply to these specific situations, but can be used in any situation.

Who is this course for?

Stress is a normal and common part of life. But no one ever taught us how to manage the stress. If you want to develop a toolkit that will help you manage the stress, this is a great start. You will have 10 tools that will help you manage the most common daily stressors.

What ages is this course for?

As parents, we use these breathing exercises to help us manage our daily stressors, whether they pop up during parenting, working, or just worrying. We also talk to our kids and show them some of the simpler exercises to help them deal with big emotions when they can’t quite put words to them. Any age is a good age to start thinking about breathing better.

How long will I have access to this course?

You will have lifetime access to this course.

How long does it take to complete this course?

Each course is a few minutes long. You could watch all of them in under an hour if you wanted to. But learning breathing exercises takes some work and practice, so if you’re like us, you’ll come back to these exercises again and again. And then at some point, you’ll realize you’re doing the exercises without really thinking about them, they become second nature, instead of reacting in an emotional outburst or from a place of stress, you will breathe, process, and then respond. Of course that takes some practice too. But the other benefit: if you make a routine of better breathing, you’ll find yourself in a more resilient space as these stressors pop up, which means they won’t stress you out as much.

How is this course different from other free breathing exercises online?

These breathing exercises are specifically tailored and packaged to address most of life’s common stressors. You will have a robust breathing toolkit designed to help you manage stress from a wide range of situations and environments. Plus, we included a few to help you stay energized and motivated. The course is led by our resident breathing expert Val from Haven Breathwork.