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Classic Shift
Abigail Rose Sherman
Classic shift in Rose Gold

This is a stunning little metal necklace that can shift your brainwaves and heart rate in 8 seconds!! Love it

Active Shift
Vincent Jenkins

Beautiful... Using this to unload stress I have and it does the job and with me all the time when I need it to let the Stress out. Thank You


The new shift was beautiful. Have the older shifts and wanted to try this one. I love my shifts and they really help me with my breathing and my anxiety!

Life changing and inspirational

My komuso shift is the most awesome invention in the world to me my partner bought it for me for a birthday present this year help me so much in my daily life with my breathing practises and my meditation practises I have generalised anxiety and major depressive disorder and just helped me immensely to remain present and in the moment even though I am a very positive person it has just helped me that little bit extra with everything I do in my life and I have even bought it for my partner to help him as well I bought it for him for our 2 year anniversary which is coming up very soon I really really appreciate having this tool as a breathing practise and just a tool for my everyday life thank you to the makers that made this beautiful creation it is worth every penny and worth the wait I wish I had the courage to buy it's sooner I first found out about it through Facebook it is just the best thing in the world to me,

Care Kit
Tiffany Littler
Remarkable cleaner

I would say this is the best cleaner for this product it is so good the results are impressive and I am very happy with it

Classic Shift
Kaitlin Marrs

As a drug addict in recovery, I initially struggled with the triggering nature of wearing a gold straw around my neck, but quickly got over the irony and began to use it throughout my day intuitively when I began to feel stressed. Fantastic product!

Classic Shift
Ashley Miller
Simple, sleek, powerful

Needed to quit vaping, after 5 years I finally decided to stop. Stopped cold Turkey and had a hard time with those moments I would naturally vape. I bought the Komodo classic shift and got it express in 2days and wow am I glad I did. It not only helped me get my cravings under control but helped me focus my intention and breath instead of mindlessly vaping. My son has anxiety and became interested so we got him one to calm his nerves as well and it’s worked amazing. This is a revolutionary simple idea that really works. Thanks komuso Deisign

Classic Shift
Love this...

This truly does make a difference with my anxieties….I love it and wear it daily…a great investment….and it is very pretty!!!!!!

Evelyn Mcmahon

Love this!!! Help my son when he need to take some deep breaths And I honestly love it to help me quit smoking and relaxes me!

Active Shift
Jesse Boles
AMAZING for middle schoolers!!!!

I am a middle school teacher and this breathing tool was a gift for my students. They are so excited about it. I really believe that it is helping them. The tangible reminder to breath and that everything is okay helps them daily. I feel so much joy seeing them wear the breathing tool. My students practice breathing techniques at the start of every class. I enjoy seeing a wave of calm wash over them after they are given the opportunity to use it in class. They also think it is super cute and stylish haha. :)

Classic Shift
Clayton Griffith
Good reminder

It's a good reminder to pause and take deep breaths throughout the day.

Classic Shift
Cindy Arnold
Mindfulness Reminder on Breath

Stopping the fight or flight reaction with anxiety is difficult. My husband reminds me of the shift when I become anxious. I’ve been practicing when I’m not anxious. Hopefully I will be able to remember on my own. It’s a process. The shift is a tool that can help you be mindful of your breath.

Classic Shift
Kim Murillo
going to peace

after working on anxiety-I have transcended it. Now reach for shift when I want to feel peace, love. blessing to you, Kim, Great White Owl

Classic Shift
Michel baitt
Great tool for anxiety

I recently quit vaping, which I picked up after smoking for many years, and this reminder and breathing tool around my neck has been a lifesaver! However, I do wish I bought the shorter chain.

Classic Shift
Beck Wilson
Amazing love it

Love this amazing little item, I don't want to take it off and get alot of compliments.

Classic Shift
Michelle K
Helpful tool

I bought the classic shift for my teen daughter to help with her anxiety and to remind her to breathe. It is a tool that she can always have with her that helps her focus so she can get out of the house. I would recommend this be added to anyone’s plan for reducing anxiety. It’s not a cure-all, but it does help.

Luxe box chain
Mario jones
Life changing

The Komuso Shift is everything that people claim it to be. I was just like many people who didn't think that this would be something truly different from anything else tried before. I was wrong. Since I've gotten this necklace ...I've been able to think better , remember better, dizziness and headaches have dropped 80% from what they were before. I can not stress enough how much this has helped me. It's not a gimmick nor placebo hype. I had no idea how much damage I was doing in my life before I was finally able to get rid of anxiety and stress thanks to this necklace. I am so grateful for this product.

Laryngospasms, Mindfulness & Scripture

This breathing-meditation necklace is lovely. I wear it all the time, even in the shower, for about 2 or 3 months now. It was very helpful when I had laryngitis due to laryngospasms (I Googled and found this: During an attack, seal the lips around a “straw” and breathe *in* only through the “straw” and not the nose. This technique encourages slower breathing that can help relax the vocal cords.) The necklace also helps me with my mindfulness and diaphragmatic breathing techniques. I truly appreciate the Japanese inscription “Be Still” which is also from Psalm 46:10.

Cuff Shift
Zebadiah Edwards
Love it

I absolutely love it

Classic Shift
Michael Lutz
Quality, beautiful & useful!

Beautiful piece of quality jewelry that happens to be useful. I work as an underwriter in very stressful situations. Having my shift around me all day, is a reminder to breathe when things get rough. And when I’m ready to go out, looks great as an accessory. I’m planning on giving these as gifts, such a great item!!

Classic Shift
Lori Massie

I love my classic shift. It helps me relax, especially st work

Classic Shift
Justin van Thijn-Kelly
My daughter and I

I ordered these for my oldest daughter an I. We both battle anxiety everyday and we have found that even in the week we have had the shift that it has given us a productive way of dealing with our anxiety. I highly recommend them.

Classic Shift
Chris Spiess

The Shift has helped me quit smoking by offering both relief from my anxiety as well as the physical act of of putting the Shift to my lips like an actual cigarette. The sound it makes as I’m exhaling allows me to focus on each breath. I’ve seen comments saying you could get the same thing from a straw & that is definitely not the case. Money well spent.

Care Kit
Thérèse Liane
Très bien

Still practicing but I really like it

Classic Shift
Justin D Hankel

I really love this! It is with me at all times. I find myself using it whenever I have a moment.

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