Our Story


Regrets about the past, anxiety about the future, addiction to our phones (yep that was us). Our busy minds were a distraction from what was always right in front of us; this moment.

If we hadn't stopped and looked around, we would've missed it.


The random dude selling flutes! At a local Art Walk, we met Erik who introduced us to the legend of the Komuso monks. These Japanese monks were devoted to the ancient eastern discipline of blowing zen (through a flute) to feel good. Since we love to google everything, we did, and the slow nodding began...

Breath brings you back to the present moment.

But wait, there's more!

OK, Keep Going

Soo if ancient wisdom is all high and mighty on breath, what does modern science say? When you’re restless, your breath gets shorter which tells your brain to prepare for fight-or-flight, no bueno. By slowing breath, you send a signal to your nervous system saying ’chill.’ Connect the dots; ancient wisdom and modern science means... We can control our state of mind through breath!

That was our moment


Look, not to get all mushy on you but we want to help people feel true joy. The essence of what the Shift represents is being our best selves, which is only possible by really being present. There's that word again.

The Shift is a portal that enables us to quiet the mind and bring us back to this moment so we can change the relationship with our thoughts. We call it the Shift because it does just that, it shifts your mind to a better place.

So what are you going to do with this moment?


OK maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but we had to chase down the missing piece of the puzzle. We needed a tool to slow our breath. After two teeth grinding years of design and manufacturing, we finally engineered the perfect breath. It was our Frankenstein moment and we call it the Shift. You exhale through it, it's that simple.