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    Become a breath awareness advocate

    Through breath, you can help your loved ones lower anxiety, reduce stress, sleep better, feel calm, and increase peace of mind. But it’s so much more than that. And you probably already knew that considering you’re right here, right now, taking steps to become a Breathe Awareness Advocate with Komuso.As we strive to raise awareness around our breathing problem, and help people learn to breathe better and think better, we need your help.

    The Benefits?

    We want to create a movement and we need your help.

    You can be the local Breath Awarenss Advocate and help your loved ones and your community breathe better, think better, feel better.


    We offer 10% on all confirmed orders, your following receives a discount too.

    Be an Insider

    Be the first to know about all things breathing, promotions and sales opportunities.


    Dedicated team to assist you any time;we are always here to help you help others.

    Are you a Breath Awareness Advocate?

    You know you’re a qualified Breath Awarenss Advocate if...

    • You think about your breathing

    • You want to learn more about the breath

    • You want to improve your life through breath

    • You believe the breath is our gateway to continued wellness.

    All we are looking for is curiosity and a belief that the breath can provide some answers to what ails us.

    What do we mean by the gateway to continued wellness?

    When you start thinking about your breath, you start to breathe better..

    When you breathe better, you think better.

    When you think better, you begin to understand that small changes lead to improved mental, physical, and emotional health, day in, day out.

    Continued wellness. And the breath is the foundation. It’s where our journey begins.