10 Quit Smoking Success Stories - Shift Quit Journeys

decemeber 01, 2022


So you want to quit. Or know someone who wants to quit

Here’s 10 testimonials we’ve received about how the Shift has helped reduce or completely eliminate smoking and vaping habits.

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Classic Shift

Simple tool to kickstart your quit journey.


Verified | Jessica Thompson

Helpful On Multiple Levels

"I purchased the Shift for several reasons, the main one being anxiety but secondary to that, I’m trying to stop vaping. I was a smoker for 25 years. Switched to the Juul 3 years ago thinking I’d be able to taper off easily. That was so not true. In the week I’ve had The Shift, I’ve not missed my Juul. This understated little necklace has been a life saver with regards to the oral fixation aspect of quitting smoking/vaping.”

Verified | Lauren Sanchez

It Helps Very Much

"I suffer from moments of anxiety which I would go to a cigarette as my crutch. I bought this one week ago with hopes of cutting back on smoking and putting myself in more of a relaxed state. I have to say it is completely doing the trick, I didn't completely stop, but I have a strong feeling that it will help and I can completely quit while using the Shift throughout the day. Even if it's just in my mind, It really helps me maintain a sense of calmness and relaxation during the day.”

"The truth of the matter is I was taking away time from my life because I was addicted to smoking. I was masking anxiety and PTSD..."

Verified | Anjalee Jadav

Great Product!

"I was able to cut down on my smoking cigarettes. I've gone 48 hours without smoking. So it does help in relaxing my anxiety in quitting smoking.”

Verified | Anupriya Sivakumar

Only Product To Get Me To Quit Vaping

"Wow...I have been trying to quit vaping for over a year and this is the only thing that successfully addresses the particular oral fixation I have with vaping. Love that I am forced to take a deep breath every time, which is instantly calming as well. Thanks to this product I am on week 2 of no nicotine . If you’re thinking about quitting you have to buy this!!”

Unless you start with micro- adjustments...


Change can be really hard. Our guided journal guides us through your desired change and helps you add a lot of little changes into one big one.

Verified | Lynette Reathaford

So Neat

"So I got this because I have anxiety and I am also a smoker. I thought ok this may be dual purpose.... I love having this around my neck as it helps when I'm driving in a situation where I'm having anxiety. I just hold it and breath in and out. I hold it a lot which I think makes me conscious of my breathing. I'm practicing to use it for a smoking aide. That comes and goes. Either way I love it.”

Verified | Kyle

Worth every penny

"I quit vaping two months ago and heard of the Komuso Shift in a post in a Facebook group I belong to. Since giving up nicotine, I still deal with severe anxiety. I just got my shift today, and it has already helped me so much. About an hour into using the shift, I checked my oxygen level and pulse and my O2 was 99 and my pulse was 64. It has never been that low before when I've checked it. My whole body feels calm and I am so relaxed and relieved. I'm sure I will continue feeling calm as long as I use the shift. Thank you to the creators for creating this wonderful and mindful tool. I plan to order more for friends and family."

Verified | Barbara B Baker

Loves It!

"I gave this to my sister for a gift. She was trying to stop smoking and was facing a difficult surgery. She was filled with anxiety and was having a hard time breathing. The Komuso Shift allow her immediate results, Something she could keep with her at all times and use at a moments notice. Panic attacks are a horrible event to endure and to watch someone suffer through, This is a wonder, most effective tool!”

Verified | Meghan Gibson

Works Surprisingly Well

"I had mixed emotions about spending so much money on a piece of metal but having recently quit vaping it has really helped take the edge off & calms me.”

Are you a brain taxi?

Jump back in the driver's seat and take control wit the help of better breathing.

Verified | Mary Galifi

Awesome Device

"I purchased this for my son he is extremely into meditating and understands and knows how to breathe but also was heavily smoking marijuana while in university and also when he came back home and go extreme anxiety. He’s stopped that marijuana since and is back on track but I think this breathing apparatus is giving him that comfort feel if he ever wants to to smoke. I guess because it’s in the mouth like a cigarette. But he says it’s done wonders and has helped even more with his breathing techniques so great job guys!!!!”

Verified | Brian Lam


"This dainty little necklace has helped me quit cigarettes cold turkey and aided me in managing my anger issues.. in conjunction with yoga and the other necessities of life other than breathing. I would recommend this to anyone who is even slightly interested in practicing and reaping the benefits of breath work 🤟🏽”

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